Three Ways to Make Yourself into an Expensive Woman

There's no denying it, women are an expensive luxury.

Hey... wait a minute. Just what do I mean by that?

Well just think about the economic dynamics of a relationship (from a male perspective, that is): there are dates to go on, dinners out (which is always more expensive than eating at home), concerts and sporting events to attend, gifts to buy for various different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and Valentine's. These are all well and fine, but they cost money. And there's more... you've got to spend additional cash on a regular basis to upgrade your wardrobe, your look, maybe your car or whatever else it takes to keep your girl pleased with you and with the way you are treating her.

Yes, for a lot of men, women are an expensive luxury that they can't really afford, which becomes a major source of disappointment for a lot of you. And so after a while, the fun begins to grind to a halt and then the conflicts over money begin. Then the choice is between staying in a boring relationship or going through yet another breakup.


Unless you've found yourself a guy with money. Yes I'm talking about a guy who can spend freely on his girl without having it become an issue. These men tend to be what I call the high status males of the world - the kinds of men who are on an upward career track or those who have already 'made it', in a financial sense at least.

The point is, these men have no problem dropping a great lifestyle on the women they are romancing. Therefore as a woman, this should be the kind of dude you want to set your sights on, while at the same time, doing whatever you can to keep all the lower status lunks away from you. You want to attract the attention of the best men out there to pump up your odds of landing a great guy, and, an even better lifestyle.

How to do it? The trick is to make yourself look expensive - like the kind of girl who is looking to catch the eye of only the best men and no one else. High and low status males will generally sort themselves out with their confidence. Success breeds confidence, so if you work to make yourself into a "hot piece" as much as possible, you will filter the low confidence males away and draw hits from the men with more confidence into your life. As a woman of Value, this should be your romantic goal.

So, here are three self-improvement ideas that I think can turn you into the kind of chick that will draw the attention of men everywhere, but only hits from guys with the 'balls' to move on a looker:

1) Design An Exotic Look for Yourself

Something you always want to do as a woman is stand out from the crowd, but without going too far overboard with the crazy neck tats, facial piercing's or flamboyant hair colors. Remember, you're goal is to start attracting and dating upper level men. These are the sorts of guys who will want to show you off in those upper class circles in which they circulate as someone who is both sexy and sophisticated - not some trailer trash dolly.

Look, anyone can design a look for themselves that would be great for a Halloween party (and everyone does), but you're after something different, something that shows you have turned away from the current trends towards a more personalized style. People will respect this much more than someone who is just trying to be another 'wanna-be' whatever-is-the-current-thing. See?

The high value female attempts to play the game at a higher skill level, and that takes thoughtfulness and courage. This is why you will turn all the right heads.

So, suppose you want to change your hair color for instance. Well, I suggest you try for something understated yet exotic. Like what? I personally like raven black hair, either long or short styled. It's a bit unusual, which is the sort of thing that really makes it stand out but in a subtle way that's classy. Bright blonde is too cliche', brunette and dirty blonde too ordinary (i.e., invisible), and the redheaded look can be a little too out there sometimes (unless you're going for that dark, almost burnished red... that's cool!).

I also recommend dark hair because it's elegant and eye-catching, and that's exactly what you want to have happen: to catch the eye of a man who can appreciate your elegance! There's also a wicked or even somewhat evil edge to black hair that gets hearts beating. wear a pentagram charm and play with having a mystery wiccan vibe.

Most of all, have some fun!

2) Seem Like You Actually Care About Being a Fox

A sad observation from a roving eye male: I see way too many women out there that are way too casual about their everyday look. Worse than casual in fact, crappy and boring. The signal this sends about you is that you don't feel confident about your sexual attractiveness and are basically just bummed about yourself. This might seem a little extreme, but to some degree it is usually true... and to whatever extent it is, it diminishes your power as a woman.

Yeah, I know I know... you can't always be bothered to dress up when you're just running around doing errands or whatever. But that's the same old excuse that's been holding you back up until now, and now we are trying to function at a higher level, right? This demands more effort and especially more awareness of the big picture.

Remember, romance has a random element about it that makes it impossible to know when and where that magic moment of meeting the right guy will happen. That means you've got to be ready for it all the time and strive to never be caught in an off moment if you can manage it. Or at least, get caught as infrequently as reasonably possible.

This is what it means to be 'classy'. It means that you are a feast for the eyes in some small way all of the time. This look doesn't need to be in-your-face spectacular, it merely has to appear that you are at least doing something to maintain some attractive element of your appearance.

That you care about looking good for guys!

Men have this ridiculous fantasy that great looking women simply roll out of bed looking hot. Regardless of the truth, you should try to exploit this stupid fantasy of ours to the max. Which brings me to my final point...

3) Lose the Flats!

Sorry to shout, but this is a pet peeve of mine. Please take heed however, because following my footwear advice here could make all the difference between catching the approving eye of a great-looking man, or showing up as a big zero on his hot-chick radar.

What I'm talking about are flats... I hate 'em. I don't care if they're cute sandals or whatever, they've got to go. Flats make you look 15 pounds heavier than you appear even in modest 2 inch lifts of any style. Especially if you're wearing shorts, cutoffs or a short skirt. Your ass cheeks hang like two slabs of flab on a meat hook, you've got no hip action going on whatsoever and your legs look utterly unimpressive. Yawn.

Fifteen pounds ladies.

And don't think that painting your toenails five different colors with sparkles or getting a fancy foot tat compensates for wearing flats because it doesn't. Guys don't even notice that stuff truthfully.

"But flats are so comfortable..." I don't care, fuck comfort. Comfort is for lazy 'give-ups'...and that's not you anymore, right? Look at it this way, you can be comfortable in the future lounging around in the Bahamas next to your rich husband while your dumpy sisters are all busy waiting tables back in Podunkville (in their shitty flats, no doubt!).

And besides, I'm not talking about towering around on 4 inch platforms at the supermarket (although that would make a statement about you, wouldn't it?). Just get some 2 inch Crocs or other casual lifts that aren't so hard on your feet. But just look at the improvement in your sexual allure that even this small amount of lift provides!... your ass cheeks pop up and appear way more firm and bubble-like, your legs look nice and cut with excellent muscular definition (which is totally awesome!) and now you've got some sashay working for you as you stroll along gathering lustful looks from every direction.

You want to lose 15 pounds without hitting the gym? Toss out all flats that you don't intend to wear just around the house. There!

And if you can't tolerate lifts for some reason, then at least go for some kind of cute feminine look... maybe some tiny girlie sneakers, and wear them with fluffy pink ankle socks or fishnet knee-highs or something.

Always try to make a visual statement that you are a prize... someone who would make a fun and sexy girlfriend.

Once again, because of the widespread slovenly look of your competition, it's ridiculously easy to make yourself stand apart from the mass of ordinary women that guys are used to NOT seeing. (Invisible women, I call them).

This is how you land the big fish vs. the low status minnow.

I'm interested already! ;-)

So... resolve to create a romantic adventure for yourself that exceeds the ordinary. Just try it as an experiment at first and see what happens.

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