The High Value Female Empowerment Series

Do you ever feel invisible around men?... especially the sort of men that you would really like to get to know? Instead of having cute guys lavishing their attention on you, they hardly notice you're in the room? Believe it or not, this frustrating sense of being overlooked isn't the result of "who you are" or what you actually look like, but rather, what sort of VIBE you are giving off about yourself in the presence of attractive men.

'How to Become Universally Attractive to Men' will show you how to become more outgoing around men, more relaxed, and especially... more able to turn up the heat whenever you choose! Attraction is all about sending subtle signals of interest and permission. But it's even more than that: when you lock eyes with a man in that first delicious moment of romantic discovery, you will suddenly understand that - for a woman - attractiveness equals total power!

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Bedroom issues? No problem. I don't care how jaded your guy may have become about sex, even after watching thousands of hours of porn, he simply DOES NOT stand a chance once you unleash the full and awesome FEMALE seductive power that you will learn about in my new book.

How To Become Sexually Irresistible To Men is going to blow your mind with dozens of heart-stopping, female-empowering sexual techniques that I'll bet you never ever dreamed of in your nastiest fantasies!

These are skills that will absolutely stagger your man - ANY man - with ecstasy. It will make him blind with lust and in the end, leave him profoundly in love... with YOU!

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If you would like to:

1) catch an approving eye wherever you go...
2) present yourself with class and dignity at all times... or
3) maybe just develop a really sexy, man-baiting "Super-Hot Thing" about yourself...

Then this is the book for you!

But wait, you might also be interested in learning about the perfect opening romantic move to make around any man, or discover the five most mind-blowing ways to signal cute guys with your high heels. Hmmmm.

The Complete High Value Female Guidebook will demonstrate just how easy it can be to "level up" to the highest degree of feminine allure, sexuality and relationship power -- and do it all with a smile. Your time has arrived girl...

And you're gonna love it!

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"There's just nothing but good advice in this series of books. It's a mixture of spiritual and emotional guide, introducing concepts as awareness and self worth. With fun steamy tricks to try and feel empowered and sexy! It's empowering and just fun to read!!! I love the idea of being high value as a woman and couldn't find any real useful information out there." -- JustMe

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“…full of intelligent ideas that can really get some serious male attention focused on you.”

– Takira B. –

“For someone like me who has always considered herself “plain”, this book has opened up a whole new world for me.”

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“An amazing pep talk that I really needed!”

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“…really gets you thinking about the amazing potential you have as a woman.”

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“I feel like I’m on the way to relationship happiness now. Thank you Mr. Pilinski!”

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“Presented in an entertaining way that is almost lovingly inspirational in many spots.”

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“I absolutely loved this book! – It inspired me to begin flirting with guys everywhere… It’s a blast!”

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“Very well written and easy to read, and the information is unique and thrilling to consider.”

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“I was impressed with the compassion the author demonstrates for women in general.”

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Three Dangerous Psychological Motivators to Understand About Sexual Harassers

As an aspiring high-value female — someone who has begun to work on their presentation to the world in such a way that they are becoming increasingly more beautiful, intelligent and attractive by the day — you will find yourself soon becoming the focus of a lot of male attention.

Unfortunately, some of this attention may be unwanted, and some of it could even be upsetting or even downright threatening. Sexual harassment is the sort of thing that can ruin your career goals, put a roadblock in front of your dreams and just generally make your life an ongoing hell, either at work or in school, and you don’t have to put up with it.

Sexual harassment is a real problem in this country, as evidenced by the widespread and growing #MeToo movement. As more and more of this sort of aberrant male behavior becomes exposed and women become more observant and sensitive towards it, it is beginning to create a massive “disturbance in the Force” among certain types of men who are temperamentally prone to becoming sexual harassers in the first place.

But what type of men are these? It often seems impossible to tell if a guy is capable of this sort of behavior until it’s too late and he’s either got his hands all over you, has you boxed into a corner or is presenting some kind of ultimatum: “you’d better play ball with me because I am in a position to make things miserable for you if you don’t…”

To help explain some of the underlying psychology that spawns this vicious behavior in certain men, here are three things that you ought to know about the men who could potentially engage in sexual harassment — hopefully giving you some idea of how to identify and steer clear of these personality types. (more…)

Three Ways to Make Yourself into an Expensive Woman

Much as we love them, there’s simply no denying it… women are an expensive luxury.

Hey… wait a minute. Just what do I mean by that?

Well just think about the economic dynamics of a relationship for a moment (from a male perspective, that is): there are dates to go on, dinners out (which is always more expensive than eating at home), concerts and sporting events to attend, gifts to buy for various different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and Valentine’s. These are all well and fine, but they cost money.

And there’s more… you’ve got to spend additional cash on a regular basis to upgrade your wardrobe, your look, maybe your car or whatever else it takes to keep your girl pleased with you and with the way you are treating her.

Yes, for a lot of men, women are an expensive luxury that they can’t really afford, which becomes a major source of disappointment for a lot of you. And so after a while, the fun begins to grind to a halt and then the conflicts over money begin. Then the choice is between staying in a boring relationship or going through yet another breakup. (more…)

Take the Romantic ‘Determined-Action’ Challenge

flirting1Alright then, it’s a new year… New Years’ resolutions, time to make at least ONE of them work out finally, don’t you think?

If one of those resolutions has to do with becoming more social and bringing more love and romance into your life, then I’d like you to stop right now and take a fun little leap of faith with me. I would like you to try this little experiment before you even think about buying any of my new books about meeting and dating all the hot guys that you can handle.

My goal is to make you see for yourself how just one clever little adjustment to the way in which you normally operate can bring about surprising, even heart-stopping, positive social changes in your life. (more…)

Is it Time to Break Out of Your Current Phase?

makeover1There is nothing more socially deadening to our chances for romance than a tired, outdated look (or personality!) that never seems to change very much. If we want to mix things up in our social lives and get some action going, we have to at least LOOK like we’re trying to stay up with current trends. Otherwise it’s easy to get overlooked, or even ignored, when it comes to the arena of love and romance.

As we grow older and gain maturity, we pass through different phases in life that are defined both by our physical age and by our general responsibility level, as established by our achievements and accomplishments in life (up until that point at least). Yet as WE change and the circumstances around us do as well, we sometimes fail to keep our mental self-image of ourselves current. And so the physical presentation of ourselves (often left over from a much younger phase) slowly grows outdated and stale, until it just no longer fits us. (more…)

Is it Time to Turn Your Dreams of Love and Romance into Reality?

loverkiss1Hello, my name is Michael Pilinski and I’m the author of a new self-esteem series for women called the High Value Female Empowerment Series.

High value female? Really? What the heck is that?

Well, very soon it will be you. A woman who is valued by a significant slice of the healthy male population to the point where they are compelled to court your love and ultimate fidelity at all costs.

Well okay, maybe it won’t be quite that spectacular. But your social life will certainly take a giant step forward, that I can promise. You see, value is not just about looks, far from it. I’m talking about learning how to present yourself in a whole new manner – with a pride and confidence that is based on a genuine sense of your own particular self-worth… your own particular value as a person and  especially as a woman. (more…)

Is it Possible to Make Yourself Seem More Approachable to Men?

Here’s something I’ll bet you didn’t know: that all throughout their lives, men will do whatever they can to protect their greatest asset that drives all their accomplishment: their self-confidence… which, believe it or not, can be surprisingly fragile.

It’s true, and in fact, this fragility of male confidence is one of the most common, and most shameful, secrets that men like to conceal from one another.

allaloneAnd especially… from women!

You see, it’s not the fact that we surf porn in the middle of the night or that we have all sorts of nasty sexual thoughts knocking around in our heads 24/7 – it’s the fact that we live one bad rejection away from having our confidence crushed into dust.

All of it, every last bit of it. And, we even more secretly fear, forever.

Surprised? Well, I’m not surprised that you’re not surprised, because rare is the woman who has any real understanding of: 1) how common and widespread this male fear of rejection really is. (Yes, even among young, happening guys that you would never expect to have any sort of issue with a paralyzing approach anxiety. Believe it – I got letters from dozens of them during the years that my anti-shyness books were selling like mad). And: 2) how socially-crippling this fear can be. (more…)

Can You Free Yourself of the ‘Looks’ Anchor?

Looks, looks, looks… women are obsessed with this one single overwhelming aspect of their presentation of themselves beyond all else… indeed, nothing else matters!

mirrormirrorHow do I look?  This is the multi-billion dollar question that has the cosmetic industry rivaling the oil giants when it comes to the massive amounts of money that both are responsible for setting into motion within the world’s economy.

Now, why this is all well and good, and I’m all for what I see with those great and creative looks that you beautiful women come up with, an obsession with maximizing physical beauty beyond all else is not an entirely harmless mission.  There are costs and consequences to overdoing it, and most of this distress makes itself felt in the emotion of self-satisfaction.

Or actually, a lack thereof. (more…)