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mike2015_bwMichael Pilinski is a student of human nature. Not by choice, but by accident.

Struggling for years with social awkwardness and low self-esteem, Mike ultimately discovered that the sort of “introverted & shyness”-type feelings that had plagued him all his life were actually being caused by closely held – but invisible – feelings of shame that had been instilled in him as a child.

This was not just the “normal” sort of shame that we all possess a little bit of… like the kind that makes us embarrassed to walk around in public naked for instance. This is different, it’s a TOXIC form of shame that becomes attached to your higher, empathetic emotions such as love and affection… making it difficult to experience such emotions without feeling embarrassed by them. This is where the problem of shyness is centered, and where it must be challenged.

Mr. Pilinski wrote two high-acclaimed books for the men’s dating market addressing shame-based thinking and fear-of-rejection issues. In them he presented a framework of “socializing solutions” that have helped thousands of men all over the world learn how to become more engaged socially, and courageous romantically.

Now he’s offering the same kind of help to women, young and old, tailored to help them elevate their attractiveness, sexual allure and ultimately their value in the eyes of men. This is known as personal empowerment, and it’s focused on giving women the best shot at the most fulfilling life imaginable, by showing them how to maximize their feminine charms in the most compelling ways that they can. These improvements fit hand-and-glove into exactly what men want (even though many of them don’t even realize it!…).

“I get a kick out of helping people – it’s a real thrill to know that I have taken a lot of sadness and loneliness out there and turned it into joyfulness for a lot of men. And as far as women are concerned, they have all the power in the game of romance and relationships – but many of them don’t seem to realize it.

“Men have basic wants and needs that only women can satisfy, and women should learn how to exploit those male desires to their own advantage in pursuit of their own personal happiness (which is YOUR responsibility, btw). That’s what this new HVF series is about.”


Beyond his work as a writer, Mike is a Gemini… a communicator, a moody split-personality and a major fan of you-guessed-it: women. He’s also a guy who’s been in love with aviation and space travel and all sorts of grand adventure. Now he leads a fulfilling life as a storyteller and mentor – helping people bend their life’s trajectory in a more favorable direction of connection, love and acceptance.

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“…full of intelligent ideas that can really get some serious male attention focused on you.”

– Takira B. –

“For someone like me who has always considered herself “plain”, this book has opened up a whole new world for me.”

– Karen A. –

“An amazing pep talk that I really needed!”

– Susan S. –

“…really gets you thinking about the amazing potential you have as a woman.”

– Julie P. –

“I feel like I’m on the way to relationship happiness now. Thank you Mr. Pilinski!”

– Eileen J. –

“Presented in an entertaining way that is almost lovingly inspirational in many spots.”

– Melanie C. –

“I absolutely loved this book! – It inspired me to begin flirting with guys everywhere… It’s a blast!”

– Sharon W. –

“Very well written and easy to read, and the information is unique and thrilling to consider.”

– Janine Yu –

“I was impressed with the compassion the author demonstrates for women in general.”

– Janice L. –