Is it Time to Break Out of Your Current Phase?

makeover1There is nothing more socially deadening to our chances for romance than a tired, outdated look (or personality!) that never seems to change very much. If we want to mix things up in our social lives and get some action going, we have to at least LOOK like we’re trying to stay up with current trends. Otherwise it’s easy to get overlooked, or even ignored, when it comes to the arena of love and romance.

As we grow older and gain maturity, we pass through different phases in life that are defined both by our physical age and by our general responsibility level, as established by our achievements and accomplishments in life (up until that point at least). Yet as WE change and the circumstances around us do as well, we sometimes fail to keep our mental self-image of ourselves current. And so the physical presentation of ourselves (often left over from a much younger phase) slowly grows outdated and stale, until it just no longer fits us.

Think about that 35 year old dude who still wears a sideways baseball cap. See what I mean?

You don’t want to become the female equivalent of “that guy”. And yet it’s easy to slide into that sort of appearance trap without realizing it. We just get too caught up with our lives to stand back and take stock of ourselves personally… of who we are and what sort of snappier, sexier impression we would like to be making on others, for instance. Both men and women can get stuck with a look that doesn’t really compliment them after a while, and might even begin to seem embarrassing to others. Not good.

Well then, if your look hasn’t changed all that much since say, high school (!), and has thus failed to keep up with your newer, more current life skills – both your confidence levels and improved character – then you guessed it…

…It’s time for a makeover!

Now, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do this. Here’s the right way: make the upgrade bold and maybe even a little bit radical, and spring it on everyone by surprise. Make sure that it’s something people will notice right away. The idea is to make the entire upgrade a kind of “shock to the system”, both for yourself and for everyone else. If you can synchronize the “unveiling” of the New You with an event such as a party or other type of get together – some sort of situation with a lot of your friends present – even better.

This will serve as a marker that the “old you” is out and the new you, complete with better attitude, look and savvy, is taking over. This fact is important to establish in your own mind as well as in everyone else as well – because it then sinks into your subconscious, where it creates a better foundation of self-esteem and opens you up to more opportunity for happiness.

So get out there and get that new haircut / coloring, chic glasses, a tan, new tat, clearer skin or a clothing style that is significantly different than what you have generally been wearing or doing up until now. Maybe you’re 22 but still wearing the hairstyle of a 17 year old?

Change it!

Break out of your phase and open your arms up wide to welcome the next one without fear, for this is the essence of Life itself.


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