Is it Time to Turn Your Dreams of Love and Romance into Reality?

loverkiss1Hello, my name is Michael Pilinski and I’m the author of a new self-esteem series for women called the High Value Female Empowerment Series.

High value female? Really? What the heck is that?

Well, very soon it will be you. A woman who is valued by a significant slice of the healthy male population to the point where they are compelled to court your love and ultimate fidelity at all costs.

Well okay, maybe it won’t be quite that spectacular. But your social life will certainly take a giant step forward, that I can promise. You see, value is not just about looks, far from it. I’m talking about learning how to present yourself in a whole new manner – with a pride and confidence that is based on a genuine sense of your own particular self-worth… your own particular value as a person and  especially as a woman.

The trick to being seen as attractive in the eyes of men is to first identify your own personal ‘value highlights’ and then become confident about presenting them to the everyone who wants to take notice without any shame or shyness. It all begins with re-evaluating your own particular mix of strengths and understanding how to use them with diamond-cutting precision in the dating and mating game.

Sure, dating can often be all about superficial things like looks and chemistry, at first – but then more serious scrutiny of a potential partner takes place as we begin to contemplate a more longer term relationship with them. That’s when the unique value that you bring to the table as a woman begins to make it’s power felt. It comes in the form of a quiet, confident vibe that you are nothing short of the best ‘catch’ out there. Period.

The High Value Female Empowerment Series has the mission of steering you towards that kind of personal power… of raising your courage, your desire, your confidence and especially you’re action level — which can quickly turn those stuck dreams into stunning reality. I’m going to teach you to become brilliant about those things that you already do well and use it as your “unique selling position” to find the perfect personality and temperament for a quality relationship.

Future books in the HVF series will focus on making you irresistible to men in a sexual sense, build your skills even further and will reveal a formula for finding the perfect relationship and the man of your dreams. The first step is to get you feeling confident and powerful about your attractiveness, and then get you out there showing it off and having some fun teasing all the boys!

Take a look at some of these series highlights:

*    In the first book currently just released you’ll learn how to become regarded with more romantic interest and with greater lust by men… discover the secrets of being more approachable and fascinating to them… experience a step-by-step high value female transformation process… free yourself of the ‘looks anchor’ forever… learn about the only exercise that you’ll ever need to stay sexy forever… understand the power of eye contact-listening-and-laughing… plus, inspiration to help you swipe away your old life and get busy with your new one!

*    In book 2 we delve into the fine art of making you sexually irresistible to men while becoming the widespread focus of male fantasies everywhere… attracting attention to yourself by exposing men to the Unique Experience of You… learning how to use the male sex drive to your advantage… taking your lover on a romantic meditation, a naked date and a fantasy thrill ride… exploring extreme pleasure together: The Triple Skip, Climax Commanding, Crazy 8’s and more unique sex games that will make him crazy-hot for you… the trick to being sexually aggressive without scaring him off, etc…

*    In book 3 we complete your transformation into a high value female by showing you how to become the total social operator: catching an eye wherever you go, presenting yourself with class, staying self-motivated and attractive… five different ways to very subtly flirt and signal when you’re in high heels (you will love this!)… the perfect social opening move for women… finding a dream relationship to satisfy your Three Primary Emotional Needs… sealing your bond with a guy by satisfying HIS Three Primary Male Emotional Needs… the secret to designing a beautiful love life.

Mark this day. It is indeed time to turn your dreams of love and romance into reality. Step one begins for you right now.

~ Michael Pilinski


Universally Attractive

Get ready to capture the attention of the hottest men out there! How to Become Universally Attractive to Men introduces creative social moves, clever flirting tactics and most importantly: inspiration to get out there and start getting yourself noticed by men!

Prepare to experience loads of fresh new social techniques and flirting tricks designed for women, plus positive inspiration that will show you how to limit your fears and unleash all your wildest dreams of love and romance. Start attracting the attention of men to yourself like mad… Today!

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Book #2 in the High Value Female Empowerment Series will reveal some of the most creative approaches to exploiting male sexuality that you likely will have ever encountered. How to Become Sexually Irresistible to Men. You’ll learn what sorts of wild fantasy persona’s to adopt for yourself that fit into the sexual dreams of 90% of men, drive a guy nuts with ‘precision-stimulation’ techniques that will blow his mind… and basically just using every part of your body against every part of his to capture his heart, passion, soul and love.

But there’s much more to How To Become Sexually Irresistible To Men than just a lot of sex tricks. The real power is in the total seduction of mind, body and spirit. When it comes to getting all the best men out there turning their desire and attention in your direction, you will simply have no equal.

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“…full of intelligent ideas that can really get some serious male attention focused on you.”

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“For someone like me who has always considered herself “plain”, this book has opened up a whole new world for me.”

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“An amazing pep talk that I really needed!”

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“…really gets you thinking about the amazing potential you have as a woman.”

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