Take the Romantic ‘Determined-Action’ Challenge

flirting1Alright then, it’s a new year… New Years’ resolutions, time to make at least ONE of them work out finally, don’t you think?

If one of those resolutions has to do with becoming more social and bringing more love and romance into your life, then I’d like you to stop right now and take a fun little leap of faith with me. I would like you to try this little experiment before you even think about buying any of my new books about meeting and dating all the hot guys that you can handle.

My goal is to make you see for yourself how just one clever little adjustment to the way in which you normally operate can bring about surprising, even heart-stopping, positive social changes in your life.

Alright, here we go. I want you to play a little game within your mind called, ‘One Thing’.

Here’s how it works:

Your challenge is to think up one thing that you would really like to change about your yourself, but only one thing. It should be something significant that will press against the edges of your comfort zone, something that you may have been secretly dreaming about doing, but have been afraid to attempt because you’re not sure how well it will be received by the people in your life. I’m talking about messing with your look, your attitude, your body, the friends you hang out with, or any other aspect of yourself that has the potential to cause other people around you to change their opinion of you in some significant way.

Spend some time tonight thinking about this challenge… mull over some of the various things that you might have often fantasized about changing about yourself – something that would get more attention from men coming your way as well. (Hey, a BIG bonus ūüėČ

Sort through these dreams and desires and secret fantasies and decide what your own personal “one thing” is going to be. Remember, the rule is that you can only change ONE thing about yourself – so take all week deciding on what this will be if you have to!

The idea is to remove overwhelm as an excuse not to take action and thus remain paralyzed, by immersing yourself in overwhelm… and then using a simple process of elimination to pare everything down to one single thing. This allows you to achieve a state of calm focus because you have already dealt with all the alternatives and decided against them for some logical reason or another. This stops them from intruding upon your consciousness as doubts from the edges of your mind and frees you to be certain. To be powerful.

Fantasize about what you would really¬†like to be doing with your look or behavior, and think it through to the single best thing for whatever reason. Challenge the limits of your fears and have fun with this little thought experiment, then…

Actually do it!

That’s right, stop waiting around and actually DO this thing that you’ve decided is something you’d love to change about yourself: get the colored tips or a sexy new tat, resolve to go out with your friends more often and meet new people, start making more eye contact with cute guys… whatever. Whatever you’ve been holding back from doing for whatever reason.

The purpose of this very personal experiment is to show you that Mental Clarity and Determined Action can create real magic in your life, even if you don’t believe it at first. It also demonstrates something that’s extremely important for you to understand: that if you focus-in on only one small piece of the puzzle at a time (ONE thing), you can avoid becoming overwhelmed into paralysis.

No matter how complex or intractable a problem may seem, it can be completely tamed by boiling it down to one simple step at a time and then stacking these steps one after another to achieve anything that you want to.

Here’s the secret: you can make steady progress towards any goal that you desire, even if it seems impossible in scope, by working on one single, “doable” element at a time. Then continue to stack these larger victories on top of each other, and soon you will have transformed¬†yourself into a woman of value… and a focus of widespread male interest.

This exciting experiment in personal growth will also open your eyes to the vast opportunity that you have to play around with your persona and use it to attract men. It’s a clarifying exercise – an internal cognitive game that you play inside your own mind which no one knows about…

…until they see your One Awesome Thing on full display!

Please try doing this exercise – don’t cheat yourself of a chance to break out of your frumpy old routine and grow a little bit. Remember, it is in the moments of decision that our destiny is shaped.

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