How to Become More Interesting to Men

To become attractive to men you must become interesting to them, and I don't just mean sexually interesting like you probably think, but in other more general ways as well.

Why? Because men don't date perfect or beautiful (or even perfectly beautiful) women - they date interesting women!

Remember this:

Men Don't Date Perfect Women...
They Date Interesting Women!

This means becoming interesting as a personality in general, which will get you noticed by many different types of men. I'm talking about men who are looking for a potential relationship partner and not necessarily someone who is just a total slut in bed. Any guy who has some experience with women and is not simply some isolated-dreamer-virgin (stay away from those!) understands that a hot chick who turns out to be little more than a cartoon-watching dummy gets boring real fast. And, she becomes sexually boring as well, since it is the mental creativity that continues to make sex exciting in an LTR once the thrill of merely seeing each other naked wears off, which it inevitably will.

Familiarity equals boredom, and since we can't morph our bodies into different shapes and sizes to thrill our long-term lovers, we have to keep them interested in us by using our minds. We do that with creative new ways of engaging in the sexual act itself, or by building up the anticipation that leads to it. Book #2 in this series, How To Become Sexually Irresistible To Men, will be completely devoted to this topic of becoming skilled at sexual enticement, it's THAT important to becoming a high value female. I wanted to keep this opening book in the series PG-13, so I moved all that somewhat more adult discussion into it's own book.

For now, the thing to remember is that experienced, quality men are on the lookout for more than just a sexy body, especially once their hormones begin to calm down a little in their 20's and 30's. Their attention is drawn to women who will inspire them instead. Signaling that you could be such a woman (of value!) takes an active, curious, inspired consciousness of your own - which is something that you should always be looking to show off as much as a flash of cleavage or a sharply sculpted calf muscle. Dummies simply don't make the cut over the long haul, men or women alike. Sorry to put it so bluntly, but I'm assuming you're looking at the long game here and not just a string of one empty night stands, correct?

So how can you seem interesting in this way, and by extension, attractive? By seeming that you are actively following your curiosity. Bonus points if that curiosity leads you to experience passions and adventures that make for great conversation. This is not hard to do: even just being widely read and having a few travel experiences or a passion for something that you love makes you seem like you have an active, curious, interesting personality... one that could be a lot of fun to hang out with and get to know better.

Such a full-blown embrace of life gives you a sort of "base of intrigue" as I like to call it, which is that certain feeling that men start to get about certain women which keeps drawing them in closer and closer. It's a suspicion that she may possess different 'secret facets' about her that will slowly become known to him the better that he gets to know her. Such potential secrets are highly enticing to men. People who seem like open books might be nice, but they leave nothing to the imagination... nothing to intrigue with. So they eventually become boring.

Not you, woman of value, you want to be INTERESTING instead!

One way to signal that you could be an interesting "puzzle to solve" (and guys absolutely love girls like this, even if they won't admit it) is to specialize in something impressive and become "known" for it. This could be anything from the way that you look to the way you handle yourself. Men are visual, you can slay them with your appearance if that's the way you want to go - but you can also hook them with your character and personality as well. You could come across as outgoing and social, or reserved and moody, whatever suits you. This is your HVF psychological outerwear, so choose it well (after experimenting around a little!)

A sexy vamp, or competent, cool and sharp-witted? The kind of women who makes a great wife because she holds up her end of the workload, or a hippy free spirit? Remember, the idea is to make yourself interesting to men - and guys are always interested in women who seem to have a bit of a style or "theme" about them: be it intellectual (quick study, able to carry on a conversation on a variety of topics, etc.), appearance (dresses or jeans?) political or religious beliefs, stylistic (eye-catching fashion, jewelry or hairstyle)... or maybe just openly emotional (moody, vulnerable, tough to pin down). Whatever you want to be and feel most comfortable being, there's a guy out there who digs it.

And you can use your natural female powers to lure him in.

Whatever you decide to use as your own personal bait, focus in on doing it right: enhance, embellish... make it your thing. Make it your signature look or move that guys will come to know you for, and eventually come to love about you. Now, once you've caught their attention, what's the next step? That's right, you put them at ease.

Now you've got that "lost puppy effect" going full force in your favor. Not only did you catch some great guy's attention and appear interesting to him because of your _____________ (whatever your own personal theme is), you're also very easy to talk to and get along with. He isn't all that nervous about engaging an otherwise heart-stopping, beautiful woman such as yourself.

Hey, you're a home run already!

Seriously, you'd be surprised at how little it takes to make yourself memorable to most men. We easily slip into fantasy about any girl who has just stunned us for whatever reason that she stunned us. Am I making any sense?

See that?... just thinking about you stunning me has me... well, you get the idea ;-)

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