Can You Free Yourself of the 'Looks' Anchor?

Looks, looks, looks... women are obsessed with this single overwhelming aspect of their presentation of themselves beyond all else!

How do I look? This is the multi-billion dollar question that has the cosmetic industry rivaling the oil giants when it comes to the massive amounts of money that both are responsible for setting into motion within the world's economy.

Now, why this is all well and good, and I'm all for what I see with those great and creative looks that you beautiful women come up with, an obsession with maximizing physical beauty beyond all else is not an entirely harmless mission. There are costs and consequences to overdoing it, and most of this distress makes itself felt in the emotion of self-satisfaction.

Or actually, a lack thereof.

What do I mean by this? I mean that the beauty industry is designed to keep women yearning to go one mysterious, unspecified step further to get that "perfect" look that always just seems to remain a teeny bit out of reach. They want you walking a fine line between short term thrills and long term dissatisfaction, and in the end, the dissatisfaction wins out. That's why you keep coming back for the latest new smudge-proof lipstick or amazing mascara. It's okay to look great and thrill over the latest new highlighter, but still there's always something missing...

What's missing is a genuine satisfaction in how you look today, in this particular phase of your life... whatever that happens to be. There is always a sense that you would be so "hot" if only you had had your current level of skill and sophistication ten years ago. The result of this endless commercial battery is what I call the "10 year looks anchor" that many women drag around with them. It keeps them perpetually dissatisfied with their bodies: thirty-five frets that her butt is not as tight as it was at 25... twenty-five wishes she had the same kind of smooth skin she did at 15. Forty-five wants to be less droopy like back when she was 35... Fifty-five...

See the pattern here? And to top it off, it's doubtful you were happy with your developing young body at 15 either, you may've thought you had too much acne, etc. So, due to the pressures of society, it could be that you were never entirely happy with your appearance at any age - always longing to go back ten years... you know, back to when you were perfect (yet unfortunately, you didn't seem to realize it at the time...).

This nonsense needs to stop. You need to drop this 10 year "looks anchor" and begin loving the body that you have right now. Okay, I'll allow you to make ONE major change if you feel you really need to, and then that's it (and only because I know that this improvement, whatever you decide it must be, will have a fantastic effect on your self-confidence).

And that's what we need out there - more confident women, confident in their sense of feminine power, their role in the world, their life phase, and their looks!

Confidence, you see, is the rock upon which the high value female stands. So you need to create a more accurate image of yourself in your mind, and then understand the powerful effect that this attitude of self-assuredness has on the men around you. It makes them weak and helpless! Helpless to resist your magnetic charms, helpless to resist falling in love with you.

Easier said than done? Maybe, but it's really all in the mind and so that's where you should concentrate most of your efforts on self-improvement, in your thinking... in what fills your head 24/7. For instance, you should always run a little mind trick whenever you feel down about some aspect of your appearance (a bad haircut, etc.) that goes like this: just imagine ten years from now how you'll look back in service of the almighty 'looks anchor' and think, "geez, my _______ looked great ten years ago! I wish I could have that same _______ now..."

Well, it IS right now! And you have that smoking hot ________, so get out there and show it off and don't worry about the past.

Worry about selecting the right guy from among all the heads that you can easily turn at any age if you simply accent your current best feature and let the rest of it be wherever it may.

Look, when I was a kid there was a friend's mom who was very hot and sexy, (what we nowadays call a 'milf'). However, she was forced by her rather strict husband (and the zeitgeist of the time no doubt, 1960's) to sort of keep her attractiveness diminished and suppressed. Under wraps. It didn't work though: her appeal was bursting out even though it was subtle and she acted nonchalant about her natural beauty. Of course, I was just a horny, nutty teen back then and would've humped a tree if it had all the right curves - so maybe her hotness was exaggerated a little in my mind.

But as I aged, and she did as well, I became more convinced that my adolescent assessment of her had been correct. I watched as her sexiness seemed to change over time from stunning to alluring to compelling in ways I had never imagined possible. Great eye contact that hypnotized me, Hous Frau, mom, intuitive with kids, flirty but loyal to her husband, a soft-spoken slavic accent that oozed sexuality straight out an old 40's movie.

As I matured sexually I wanted her so bad I can't even begin to tell you. Such fantasies she provoked in me simply because of her attitude and the way that she assumed me to be a man. Me! Her attention was intoxicating. Today at 75, she's still as gorgeous to me in her own unique way, still frozen in time as the most lust-provoking women on earth. Mrs. X can still make me dream a little whenever I am blessed to see her at a holiday gathering.

Why do I tell you this? Because that's the kind of powerful, lifelong effect a woman of even subtle confidence and suppressed suggestiveness can have on a the male of the species. This is truly the elevated magic of the high value female that I hope I'm helping you to understand: that the HVF leaves a deep, unforgettable mark on a man's consciousness that will never quite go away. Because we never actually want it to go away! It's a wonderful echo of a fantastic memory that we'll cherish as for long as we can. At least those of us who are hopeless romantics.

And that's the kind of impact you want to have on someone's soul.

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