Any Woman Can Learn to Wield Sexual Power Over Any Man

Okay, let me give you fair warning right now, book #2 in this series is going to be somewhat racier than the first. So, just In case you find sexual subject matter offensive (although I have taken care not to make things gratuitously pornographic), I've placed this topic into it's own separate book.

Alright then, in How To Become Sexually Irresistible To Men, we are going to take the now highly new-and-improved you, absolutely bursting with a confident sexy attitude, and get that lovely beast out there making all the hottest guys in the room sit up and take notice! How?

Well, lets put it this way, once you become expert at the tricks that I'm going to show you, you will give off a vibe that's just hard to explain - but I guarantee that any alpha dogs in range will catch hold of this vibe and become interested in you, immediately. And that's what it's all about.

This second book is a comprehensive, "hands on" guide that will show you how to go about completely enrapturing a man in a sexual-erotic sense, from first kiss to, well... you can guess where things end up (and yes, explicit instructions and techniques will be given to position yourself as a sexual superstar after just one erotic encounter with any man).

Book #2 in the High Value Female Empowerment Series will reveal some of the most creative approaches to exploiting male sexuality that you likely will have ever encountered. The goal is to position yourself as a "top lay" in a guy's mind, because when it comes to men, the hook always has to be baited with some kind of sexual prize (because that's our universal weakness!).

And when a man meets a woman who knows how to delight him in bed, he's finished. He's yours. Done.

Well, I am going to show you how to become that woman. You will discover dozens of ways that you never imagined possible to make any man you choose absolutely dizzy with ecstasy and love. You'll learn about what sorts of thrilling sexy persona's to adopt for yourself, drive him nuts with 'precision-stimulation' techniques that will blow his mind... and basically just using every part of your body against every part of his to capture his heart, mind, soul and love.

This poor guy does not stand a chance once you unleash the full force and erotic might of the lusty secrets in this book.

But there's much more to How To Become Sexually Irresistible To Men than just a lot of sex tricks. The real power is in the total seduction of mind, body and spirit that you will have ready to use anywhere and anytime at your fingertips. When it comes to getting all the best men out there turning their desire and attention in your direction, you will simply have no equal.


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