Be Sexy... Dammit!

Alright, sorry if the title of this post sounds like it was written by Eric Cartman, but there is nothing more discouraging to any guy than to make the dismaying discovery that his new girlfriend who he's been steadfastly pursing and seducing for weeks now is a dud in bed.

Just lays there. Does nothing.

I know, you don't want to hear this sort of sexist, off-putting stuff that might getting you thinking too much about your own confidence. But being a boring lay can be a big relationship dealbreaker, especially early on when a lot of serious emotion has yet to have been invested and it's easy to walk away.

Besides, it's just more fun to be sexy! There can be no shame, none. Get that out of your head for good. I'm going to show you three simple attitude adjustments that will move you from zero to hero in the bedroom and make your guy giddy with the knowledge that he's hit the erotic jackpot... with YOU!

Okay, so here are 3 things you can do to become more sexually enticing to the men you are hot for:

One Never just lie around doing nothing as you're preparing to have sex, present yourself to your lover.

What do I mean by that? Well I mean that you've got to put more thought into things than just: "I strip off my clothes, I flop into bed and... here I am!"

Wow, be still my heart.

Seriously, you've got to be aware of the visual impression that you are making with your naked body at all times. Pose yourself suggestively study pictures of women doing various enticing poses and practice them in a mirror. Become skilled at the ones you really like so you can slide into them with a casual confidence that will impress any man and get his heart racing. To learn how to walk towards your lover in a sexy manner, for instance, place one foot directly before the other in an exaggerated fashion and walk high on your toes. This makes a 'horny wolf'-like impact on a guy and gets his blood pumping (in all the right places!).

Have the awareness not to just stand around flat foot all the time put one leg up on something higher now and then, twist and turn to show different angles of yourself, cover and uncover various parts of yourself... teasing with a constantly shifting visual presentation. Think about what's hot! Step towards your lover holding your breasts in a hand bra, make him wait to see your lovely chest. Put on a show for him!

Do something that shows you are still thinking about sex, even when you're not doing it.

Two One of the worse types of individual to have sex with (woman or man) is someone who takes the whole thing too seriously.

No spontaneity, everything planned out, everybody washed up and sanitary... ugh, this is horrible. Especially planning how to take all the "dirtiness" out of sex is just a total mood killer. Even worse is scheduled sex: only on Wednesday's and maybe Saturday evenings? While there can be some element of thrilling control in this sort of thing, trust me, for the type of people who only have sex on certain days of the week there is nothing erotic about it at all passion has been drained away like a mosquito infested swamp.

This uptightness occurs simply because many people have a veil of SHAME surrounding all their sexual actions, no matter how loving or innocent. Noise must be controlled, no loud moaning or god forbid screaming!

Shhhh!... Quiet Orgasm Zone

And so some of us have learned to suppress our pleasure in the service of our shame. This produces the kind of orgasmic response that you're not even sure is happening. This is very unfortunate, because the thing about orgasms is that they are a little bit like getting high: there should be no question that it's actually happening. If you're smokin' cheap swag and five minutes later you're still asking yourself: "Am I high?", trust me, you're not high. Nor have you had any sort of mind-bending orgasm if you are left wondering if it actually happened or not.

"Did you get it?"... This is not the question you ever want to hear because, like I said, if you have to ask...

So GET LOUD, release all the stupid, useless tight control over yourself and free your orgasm!

Three The trick to owning a man is all about engaging his prior mental conditioning.

Men all grew up listening to their mommies ordering them around and telling them what to do. Clean your room... eat your peas... do your homework... go take a bath, you stink! What does this mean? It means that most every man has an unconscious instinct to submit to a woman's verbal commands.

Hello, are you listening? TAKE COMMAND! You have the base psychological conditioning already locked in place, you just have to learn how to play it for each particular guy. Like being in charge? Order that little plaything of yours to do all those nasty things that you want to do: tie him to the bed and use him like the toy you will make him, make him serve until you are satisfied, then finally cum on your command.

Take charge and make sure he knows that you are the best lay he is ever likely to have!

Commanding Confidence in a woman can overwhelm any man, remember, because he's already been primed to be bossed around by a female and he will take to your lead like a little duck to water. So get busy exploiting all that careful mental conditioning "setup work" that has already been accomplished by his mom.

You can look up videos of women acting sexy all over the internet YouTube, gossip news sites, porn sites, whatever and get ideas by watching their movements and how they act around men. You might even want to give a listen to some of these ASMR "whispering" videos (search them out on YouTube) and give him a few playful chills as a tease or foreplay. Use your imagination, keep him guessing, it's the sort of thing that can make you addictive.

It isn't Necessarily the Person that's so Attractive, it's the Ride that Person Promises to Give You!

One important thing to know about guys is that they love women who enjoy being women, who are careful about their look and always make an effort try to look attractive. They don't just let their visual crash and burn because they don't "feel like" putting on a little makeup today. Take the time, make the effort. All it takes is a little tweak here and there and guys will take notice. What we don't have any interest in are frumps who let themselves go and make no attempt to be even slightly attractive.

Before long your "sexy chick IQ" will be off the charts and you'll be on your way towards achieving High Value Female status!

*        *        *

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